Monday, June 13, 2011

Huzzah Monday!

Oh....who the hell am I kidding......Mondays blow, there's no way around it. Whether your weekend consisted of working, wrenching on your ride, sitting around your dimly lit one room apartment in your's still better than Monday morning.
Unless you're a stripper.......then Monday is probably your day off. Unless you're really ugly, fat or are missing a leg. THEN you're the Monday attraction.

I saw a one legged stripper once. She got mad because I didn't want to watch her hop around the stage. That and her stump ended right where the 'bits' were.....and that was oddly discomfiting.

Definitely not a one legged stripper, Norma Jean does helps take some of the sting from a Monday.

Ok on to business........

Rich: your rearset plates are in a box and will be shipped to you this afternoon.
They turned out nice and light, lots of strength too. Let me know how they do for you. I imagine you'll need a shim or two when mounting them up, I did the best I could but those OE cast bases in nature. I left you several peg position options as well so you should be able to fit the bike to yourself nicely.

This's clip-on blocks.....all week long! Woooo.......
(lots of work is a good problem to have!)

I'll have more to post later today or tomorrow. Should have a functional computer again so posting pictures here should be workable. That'll be nice.

Last bit, I'm looking for ideas here so now's the time for your input: What do you want to see here? I've got some things in mind, a weekly interview series comes to mind. I know a lot of weirdos and they all have lots to say. Should prove interesting.
I'd like to profile some of the local Portland area shops and bike related locations, shows etc, that's in the works. What else would make this an interesting place to visit for you intertoob motorcycle refugees? Lemme know, comment here, email me: homagemotoworks-at-gmail-dot-com , carrier pigeon, singing telegram...whatever.

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