Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rambling, wordy and largely useless........

Ok time for another minor update and a couple heads-up.

I'm still trying to get this off the ground but it's slowly taking shape. I still need to deal with this neuter of a computer....hey that should be it's name 'Neuter the 'Computer'. Effing junk ass beat down piece of crap........but I digress....

>Rich: Your rear set plates are 85%, I'm down to adding lightness and cleanup.
Rich builds cool bikes and doesn't fear the a GR650!

>Jack: Your clip-on blocks are still only roughed in but I'll be putting some time on them and the rest this week. Hang in there buddy, I appreciate your patience.

>Jordan: The stem should be free this afternoon and we'll see about getting it crammed into the CBR bottom clamp for you. At that point the front end should be fairly straight forward.

>Von Yinzer: Your nanny dresses you funny.....

>Sean: Your foot pegs are built and they look great. Let me know when you want to come get'm!

>Dave-O: thanks for the 411 amigo, just what I needed to get this job done!
Dave is an old school machinist that had a shop space right behind mine, he was instrumental in my acquisition of my big TREE 2UVRC milling machine....for really cheap. He's happily showed me tricks and ways around problems that generally only come from year and years and YEARS standing in the chip shower. I like this guy!

>Martin: You're still a wus.

The Barbarian Horde:
I'd like to thank Bobdot and Sakeracer for joining the horde here, thanks gents.
Your mission (should you choose to accept it) as new members is to find an excuse to drink too many Jaegerbombs and run naked down the main drag of your town while singing inappropriate songs about someone else's girlfriend.

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