Sunday, April 21, 2013

Remember Jada...she's a peach. She's also had some shit luck recently. First...some assclown stole the plate off her CB175 whilst parked at a scenic overlook. Then, just recently the engine on the little beastie huffed it's last puff and needed to be replaced. AND THEN.......another (WTF!!? Is this an ASSCLOWN convention???!!) assclown STOLE for commuter from in front of her friggin' house. Fer REAL! Some dudes just need punched in the dick. Pass it around, lots of useful info here...let's find this D-bag and administer said cockpunch.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Here's a very cute puppy....because very cute puppies make me want to stab people a little less......

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K. Well...good things anyway. It's been a while in coming but I have joined the team at a VERY good aerospace company here in town doing.....machiney things. It's a good gig with good people that I am really enjoying. I just completed my first week and thus far all is fantastic!

I made ends meet during the recent months in my own shop but it occurred to me that the truth is....I'm a machinist, I'm an artist and something of an inventor. I am not a business man. I can do it, I DID it....I just didn't like it. I see a strong future in this, the making of wacky one-off custom parts for all things wheelie. I really dig it and it seems like people dig what I do which is very gratifying, but the day to day slog of dealing with the 'office' part of it just isn't for me.

All is not lost though, not by a long shot. With the new job I am freed up(and far FAR better financed) to pursue some pretty neat projects. I will continue to make parts for people and build bikes but like they say in the old song.....
I don't do business that don't make me smile!

The greasy dozen bike is moving forward well, I will dig up some pics too....once I work up the gumption.

I expect that my personal projects will finally move forward..cobblers shoes and all that stuff. In the mean time, I'm doing nothing today but drinking too many coffee nudges, watching a movie and I promise to switch to Manhattans tonite!'s a cool Jeep I just found!
I'm not really a Jeep guy, more of a big truck or sportscar buff....but you can't deny the basic cool here.

Ya know, come to think of it......maybe I AM could be a Jeep guy.......

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Some more odds and ends.....

Simple milled Dyna coil mounts for a CB....something or other.
A simple indexible fixture for boring some custom eccentrics...

Hogging out the major portion of the bore work......
The finished pieces....because I'm miserable at taking pics while working the boring portion isn't shown but they're bored for a 25mm Ducati rear axle. These are for the Greasy Dozen bike....

An adapter to fit an Oregon Motorcycle Parts Reg/Rec unit onto a CB350. Made from some reclaimed heatsink material.

A fun pic I found on the toobz while trying to explain what the squishband area of a piston is....
The other reason I love springtime so fucking much!
 Fight less, fuck more. Ride know, be good humans!

Monday, April 1, 2013

How's that for craptastic artwork? As this pic shows, the original version of the brake linkage would make for a very busy pedal when in motion as well as terribly inconsistent braking. By replacing the linkage arm with a simple cable nearly (if not) all of the wonkiness.....that's a word....would be eliminated. a couple simple bolt on "cable towers" to define the bounds of the cable, an equally simple clevis on one end and repurposing of the threaded adjuster on the drum end and you're golden. 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Just a quick heads up for you vintage bike lovers out there who might be looking for a clean ride. My pal Jerry is selling his CB530f and it's well worth the look!

Largely unmollested and in really nice shape, get all teh details here:

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sorry sorry sorry......been up to my neck doing and not taking pictures. Loads happening with the Greasy Dozen KZ build plus my own bikes and several other projects. I need a photog to hang around and take artful and moody shop shots...because I suck behind a camera. I'm working on it. I'm hoping to steal some time in the next couple of days to peck out a decant update here with some pictures too.

In the meantime here's a cool video for you:

And pretty girls....

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A picture overload!

My apologies to those few who take time to peek in here, I've been consumed with my portion of the work on the Greasy Dozen bike build, a few of my own projects and of course finding more work.

That being said, if you need custom parts made for your project, don't hesitate to drop me a line at:
I'd be happy to help you find a solution to your needs.

A simple aluminum dash panel for a Trail Tech computer for my own daily ride.

Milled aluminum stator cover, this one fits a CB450/500T, with inset brass cup washers.

A rebuilt and prettied up electric leg, brass kicks ass!

Milled sprocket cover for a CB450/500T and the stator cover prior to sand blast and sealer

Timing cover, milled, sand blast and sealed with inset brass cup washers and stainless fasteners.

Oil pump cover for a CB450/500t. In this case it's a very functional piece as well as looking nice. The fins add roughly 150% additional surface area such that due to the internal oil routing (that was a chore haha) this piece acts as an oil cooler. I'm not claiming that it'll make a plumbed cooler unnecessary but certainly did result in cooler oil making it's way to the top end. My probe sensor measured roughly 3* cooler oil in the sump after running for 20 minutes. Not too shabby. Looks AND substance......are you getting that much return from your paramour?

Milled engine plates with tapped mounts for something special to be shown later
Rear engine mount plates also milled, blasted and sealed with tapped mounts for a simple battery tray. Also shown are a classed up cam chain adjuster and my repro of a fun 70's "oil cooler" dipstick. I doubt there's much thermal value to this or the original but it looks neato!
My one-off tank shifter system. The pivot is ball bearing supported, the clutch cable is internally routed and the mass of the assembly mounts to the upper engine mount at the frame plates so it's plenty solid and not relying on frangible engine cooing fins for mounting.
A closeup of the pivot portion and it's mount. There are 4 mounting positions in the upper bridge to allow a little flexibility in riding position. The screws haven't been cut to suit in this pic, for those who might gripe. ;) Not shown is the bronze sleeve in the handle/linkage arm pivot point. It's smooooooth!

Need a one off seat to fit your custom build? This one is hand formed from an old street sign (because I had it) and sports dual density (60/35d closed cell) padding. This example is destined for some lovely hand tanned and stitched caramel leather. Stylish and comfy!

Need some one-off carb manifolds to suit your new carbs? Yeah...I can do that.
One off manifolds for a CB160/175 racer.
O-ringed manifolds for the hottest CB360 I've seen yet!
Working with what you have? How about smoothed and painted CB450 top yoke with dual color LED indicators in custom bezels? Yup, all that and a bag-o-chips!
An artistically blurry photos of some extremely light pegs for the above mentioned CB160/175 racer. 
Simple, deco rearset plates for a CB650 with integrated rear brake lever bushing.
LED lighting element sunk into a.......
...tail light made from an S90 piston. The lens was cut from the S90 tail light and repolished. Pretty sexy little tail light if I do say so my-own-self. And I do!
One off brass bar ends for the Troybilt's super cool custom, the appropriately dubbed "Willow", seen earlier in this blog
How about some one-off clip-ons for that gotta have racer look and feel? Simple, solid, perfect.

Details shot of the block
Another style of clip-on. These are for the CB16/275 racer I've noted above in a couple places. So light they should be illegal....but aren't!
Custom milled aluminum upper and lower fork yokes for a CB500 race bike. These have slightly less offset than the stock one shown in reference to restore trail settings after reworking the stance for steeper front geometry. Sexy and strong and smart!
Trimmed off excess material on a CB550 engine cover along with mounting points for a bolt on sprocket cover.
A lovely milled top clamp with 'fluted' top surface and carbon fiber inserts for Ringo's now famous CB550 known worldwide as 'LeMans', they just don't come prettier or more evocative than this bike in it's equally amazing Gulf Livery!
Need a fork brace for an unusual platform? Hit me up, I can make it happen.

Narrowing a swingarm for a retrofit. Yeah, I can do that too.
Stem swaps are cool! Want modern forks on your vintage scoot? Drop me a line and I'll make it happen. This combo consists of a '78 Z650 stem set into ZX7 triples for the ongoing Greasy Dozen build.
Custom tail light housing from one of my old nitrous bottles. New life for an old bottle!
Sculpted and speed-holed CB500 levers! Everybody wants'm but only the cool kids get'm. Life isn't always fair but you can still get the goods!
A quick pair of aluminum seat mounting....umm...thingies, for a Triumph.
35mm fork clamp for a steering stabilizer.
If you need something made or modified, please don't hesitate to drop me a line:

Lastly, many humble thanks to a veritable fount of knowledge about bikes new and old; Richard who goes by the nic 'Teazer' online. For the low down on not only the Ariel Arrow racer but also in reference to some neat old/new tech in the form of some tasty vintage USD forks on the a MotoGP TZ250 that had radial calipers too! Thanks mate!

More to come, stay tuned! Fuck more, fight less!