Friday, May 25, 2012

Hideho you lot! It's been a wee bit lonesome here, not a lot going on unfortunately. My internet time is quite limited these days as my only regular access is on my miserable phone so updating the blog and searching the toobz is pretty tough. Also important; for some reason my phone doesn't like to play nice with several forums I normally peruse, as such PMs maybe unanswered for a while longer.
There's hopeful news though...

Barring any silliness (or perhaps the fickleness of Providence) I should be in an actual house again with a comparatively voluminous work space, hopefully by the end of June. Timing, Providence, The Grand Plan....who knows, who cares....but things look like they could fall into place. Miss Kitty's folks have a lovely lake house at Fishhawk lake that they are moving into full time...well mostly. A few nights a week Dad B will stay with us as he still goes into the office. I imagine that won't last long but we'll rock it while it does, he's rad! Dad B is an recovering hippy, now mechanical/manufacturing engineer so he's really REALLY smart and is also loads of fun. So that'll be a good thing methinks.....
Ma B will be up at the lake full time being crafty, social and painting up a storm, she's a very talented painter of watercolors and I anticipate no end of things for her to capture.

The house we'll be moving into is pretty sweet; 4bd/2bth, pretty good size...I'm gonna estimate at something like 2200sq. with that good garage, a couple sheds out back and room to spare. The front yard is pretty small, especially since the county widened to the road out front so not much to take care of but the backyard is effing huge. I anticipate a lot of BBQs and shindigs out back. more on this to come......

The most important to me though is the ability to work again. These last few weeks have been for shit, very tough to get stuff done, logistics are what's playing hell on things right now. My small machines are 40 minutes away in my cousin's garage. Mostly set up but a pain to get to and as much as I built out her garage and organized to the best I could there's still stuff all over it. My big mill is 30 minutes the other direction.
You can maybe see where this has lead......though my hands have definitely been full, not in the way I need.
I haven't made anything but a mess in two weeks. Weird how addictive it is to make be ABLE to do so.

Let's stuff..

Done loads on the backside of the business that needed to be done....I just had to be forced into it haha.
Some projects are hanging, most have been ok but I've refunded a few...that's ok though there's little money left over right now.

Got my tank back from Andrew, he did nice work so that's been taunting me for a week. I can't wait to get back to working on Sakura, I've had time to really work out some details that should push the bike over the top. Coming up are a few frame mods I hadn't figured to do this time around but will because she'll be even better after. I came up with a pretty nifty setup for the brakes that will clean things up visually and I've settled on a front end mod I've been mulling over for a while that'll also serve to really set the bike off.

Haven't done anything to the XV this month, was my intention to continue rewiring it but I simply have no space left in which to do the work....yay.

Anyway, I had a chance to pop in so I thought I'd do so and say hiya.
Tell anyone who cares to know...I'm not dead, nor am I living in the tropics writing crap novels....someday though!


  1. Glad to hear things are looking better for you man.

  2. Good to hear man. I was starting to wonder if I needed to send a search party with a case of Abita Amber ;) :D

  3. Good to see you back on deck Swagger!

    The light at the end of the tunnel will bring lots of good times.


  4. Carry on brother, we got time. Things will be right soon enough.

  5. Good to see you posting Swagger.

    Great news on the house, sounds about perfect.