Thursday, May 3, 2012

Invictus Maneo: Life Lessons part two

First, while I won't delete it I'd like to apologize to those of you who were moved to send me angry mail. I know this is a motorcycle blog of sorts. I know you want to come here and see some bike stuff, some pretty girls and laugh at my buffoonery.

I'll be back on track sooner than I'd have imagined so keep your pants on, M'kay?

The dust hasn't settled, but it's thinned enough to see that I'm not sunk. I've kinda felt like I was going it alone these years, a filthy product of someone's personal brand of horseshit. Thing is...when you're treading water in a lake of shit...there's no way to not get some on ya. I drank the koolaid, ate the cookie and bought the souvenir teeshirt too.

Needless to say, I was totally caught unawares by the people coming out of the woodwork to come to my aid. I'm humbled and more than a little shocked. I had my big milling machine all but sold and was close to despondent over it, it's my "One Good Thing". Within moments of almost letting it go, I got an offer of space to store it where it could be used too.

For free.

...blink. blink-blink.......for real? Andrew from Little Horse Cycles who's done the work on the tank for Sakura has room, and is down to help. W_T_F!!??? So, shazam...crisis one averted. One ginormous machine will have a safe home until I get something permanent. On top of everything else, he's coming out in the morning with his giant truck and I'll have a forklift here to load it so it really couldn't have gone much smoother.
Andrew, thank you my friend.

Now....what to do with the rest of this shit?
Enter cousin Jenny; stage left
She bought a house just recently and has a more or less empty two car garage with nothing to hold. Well now, I think I can help fill'er up! I made a decent living out of a 1 car garage for a period of time. I can do it again. I will do it again. Plus she's the coolest person I know and always has a smile for me.

I've officially got nothing but what I have my hands on. I have no money to speak of, been a slave for too long to have anything like free spendable cash but.....I'm able, I'm pissed and very motivated.

Invictus Maneo!


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  1. Glad to hear.
    Remember: That which does not kill us...
    makes us cry like little girls!