Friday, September 9, 2011

Duke Axial Engine concept

I saw this on The KneeSlider and thought you all might like a little peek at what could be the future. If you haven't been to The Kneeslider you should check it out, it's a good general bike blog with loads of good info and none of the self stroking BS you get from some others out there.

For the Deep Poop on the Duke Axial Engine, head on over and satisfy your internal combustion geekery: Duke Engines

Oh and for a totally different kind of internal combustion, here's a boobie or two stunningly attractive young woman....
I rightly got creamed recently for poor terminology. Obviously she's MUCH more that just a pair of boobies and I will endeavor to be better. Sorry mom.......


  1. Living proof that the female human form is magnificent in every way. She is jaw dropping perfect and I could study every line, every curve, and every inch of this specimen for hours.

  2. Indeed.....I'd say more but I keep getting distracted by the picture.