Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More filler......

"Things" have been pretty nuts round the ol'milling machine lately. ODB's been off his game and that's taken some adjustment. As such, not nearly enough has gotten done that needs doing, including uploading a mound of pictures and updates on Sakura though hopefully that'll come together soon. There's been some real progress which is nice so stay tuned you faithful few....I may not be able to dedicate hours a day to the build but it IS progressing.

Also needing completion is the feature piece on Troy Helmick's astounding 'Willow' build. I've got access to the pics again and Troy was kind enough to humor me and my crap "interview" questions too, so perhaps there'll be some kind of decent content there. 

A friendly acquaintance from the toobs Leon has given me the go-ahead on a feature of another bike that I like a lot; The Badger. It's a neat Enfield racer that I watched come together online. I've got some info from him, as well as what I could get off the toobs so will be crunching that into something soon as well I hope.
In the mean time here's a pic that kinda sums up my reaction to the last few weeks of bullshit:
For those that don't know, the Eminent Mr.Fishburne 'made the bills' on PeeWee's Playhouse whilst becoming truly famous. Can you dig it?


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