Thursday, September 29, 2011

A few work related updates....

Swapmeet Louie: Your material showed up this afternoon so I'll be hacking away at it in the next few days. Oh...shoot me that pic for the thing you were talking about. Nobody will see THAT shit coming!

BoJangles: Your box-o-bits arrived this afternoon as well so I'll spend some time this weekend trying to pile them up into something that looks serviceable

Rob: Your rearset plates are done and boxed up. I'll likely get them out tomorrow but if not then no later than Monday.
Bob: I've got your head casting all filled up with silicone, once it kicks I'll dig it out and cast the dummy. I'll do my best to take pics.....

Max: A pair of clip-on brackets went out to you via USPS on Tuesday, let me know what you think when you get'm.

...and a pic dump....

WTF is that?

Beauty, purely functional

....also beautifully functional.....

Drive fast take chances

She did....she did.

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