Thursday, October 6, 2011

A few updates and some filler....

It's been a slow week for content here, my apologies.....I've been up to my neck in work which is good, though not all of it is bike related...that's bad. That being said, not much progress on Sakura has occurred but I have been making bits and baubs.

Swapmeet Louie: G, your bar clamps are more or less done but I want to do a little trimming and shaping now, they are.....sturdy. Easily strong enough to suspend a couple thousand pounds, nice but needless weight so I'll be carving away at them.
I did verify that I have the material on hand for your fork brace, that'll help speed things up. Hoping to get to chipping on that this weekend. 

MadMarty: Got your check yesterday, soon as it clears the box-o-goodness is on it's way. Enjoy mate and send some pictures back would ya?

Sarah: Your shifter setup is boxed up and will ship tomorrow, thanks for the paypal! I went ahead with the threaded linkage so you can phase your system correctly. The pivot base has plenty of material for Rob to drill it to suit your upper. Hand shifted SR500 children.....yeah, she's that cool.

Still trying to get the feature pieces written, Troy, Leon, Kiley, Dave....sorry for the delays. Unfortunately bills don't wait. 

Ok I did manage to make one bit for Sakura; since I've lost my mind and am routing the clutch cable thru the shifter to be used with an inverted lever. I've looked into several options, a nifty piece made in India for certain Enfields, several options from older BMW knockoff bikes like the Ural and a chinese rig the name of which escapes me at present. unfortunately nothing really resonated so I'm planning to make something. Thus far I've managed to get the base made....yay me.
Here's the lever base that I milled up to suit. It's only roughly shaped at the moment, I'll be taking quite a bit off the top to suit the lever and needed throw length.

This is what it looks like out of the shifter. it's got a nice snug fit in the shifter arm and will be located with a hidden pin and grub screw once it's ready to be hung in place. You can just make out the brass inset in the bottom, it's got a relief for the cable ferule to fit into and is drilled at an angle to allow for the longest primary lever length without dragging cable on the sides.
And a view down the throat where you can see the angled cable hole. My goal at this point is to keep the rounded back wall in place for a nice clean look but it's kinda thin. Hopefully I won't need to cut anymore material out of that area.

So there you have it.....

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