Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ringo's Gorgeous Gulf 550 'Le Mans'

I've been wracking my beer-soaked noodle trying to write a couple feature articles, but the truth is I suck at writing on demand. I have moments of inspiration which, if I'm lucky and can get'm down in print...aren't too bad. However just like H.S. English class, a writing project just plain kicks my ass. 

So....while I plan to do several features they'll likely take the form of a photo spread with a few words here and there. Eventually I'd love to find a capable wordsmith willing to do some of this kinda stuff for bad no pay, faint praise, homemade booze and a strong commitment NOT to screw his or her sister. Unless nobody is around to object and she asks nicely. Or gives me booze. Or a smile. HA!

With that in mind, if you're looking to officially call yourself a 'Staff Writer' for this structureless(for now) disaster, hit me up at the email address up top and we'll chat. 

No time like the present however, so here's a bike I REALLY dig. Another buddy of mine Ringo whipped this tasty scoot up, made his own bodywork and everything! Plus he sent pics of his incredibly hot lady in her skimpies astride the could I pass up that kind of incentive? Can't...'nuf said......

Le Mans 550
For all the technical dirt go here: Ringo's Build Thread

550ccs of blisteringly hot motorcycle

There are a few things every bike feature needs, moodily lit photos would be one, the other would be..........
...the other would be an equally smokin' hot woman to pose with it!
"Catch me if you can?"
Love the tail on the bike. The BIKE'S TAIL you dirtballs! No.....really.........

This lovely young thing is Ringo's girl Elaine and she's currently booking modeling gigs, so if you're anywhere near Montana or have the dosh to book her plane ticket(..and probably Ringo's too) get ahold of him at DTT and maybe she'll grace your loving creation!


  1. Yummy! The bike ass hole... ! glad to see it up here. Now it's sharing the wall of fame with the gass-hole, haha... love it!

  2. Haha...yeah I desperately need to do more features but I've found that 'writing projects' just kick my ass. Random brain-vomit is easy, it comes when it comes but sitting down and actually trying to craft something, not so much. Unless someone steps up to pen some cogent shit, my features here will be largely photo with a little of my bullshit just for it's smokey flavor. Bike's hot, Elaine is hot....yummy indeed.