Wednesday, October 12, 2011

From the desk of: Captain of the Pabst Drinking Team

Ok it's been a while since we've had something new from Mike D. but there's good reason. Mike got a new job that has him hopping and has lost access to the computer he was surfing porn on I mean joining singles chat rooms (FUCK!) working on and as such there hasn't been much from him. Out of the blue in the mail I get his latest submission in hand written form. Cool. That's dedication right there.

First thing I notice, Mike's got great handwriting. WTF!! Isn't there a rule that if you dig bikes and beer and all things that follow, you also have rotten handwriting?
.....wait? Seriously? There isn't? Goddamnit! (I have shitty handwriting)

Second thing I notice? Fucker can spell too. I'd be ruined if not for a keyboard and spell-check. Seriously......I'd be fucked.
So without further delay, here's a little something from your buddy and mine, Mike D.

Note: Much easier to read after expanding

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