Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Comfort is for your couch, speed hurts.

When I was a kid I had an insanely fast Montessa 350cc something or other in a Rickman chassis. Low pipe, Ceriani forks and Hagon most kids, I didn't know what I had and I sold it cheap....I think I bought a necklace for a girl I liked with the meager money I got for it. I routinely smack myself in the face with a lamp for that. She wasn't worth it. Now I'm homely and didn't even get laid! 

I liked to strip everything off it, sit on a towel with a 1liter pop bottle full of gas taped to the spine so I could go out and drag race on the streets around Kearns Utah where I was stuck. Salt Lake City might as well be on another planet but when you're a kid you find ways to have fun. It was already terrifyingly quick, knobbies and all, take off 40 pounds of stuff and it was a missile for the 1/8 mile. I learned about speed wobbles on that bike. 

Good times......

This will do the trick!

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