Sunday, February 3, 2013

Who steals from a lady?

Dear asshat, douchebag, moose-knuckle,
'we' will do everything we can to make your theft as fruitless as possible. You suck and deserve a curb stomping.
(Am I over protective of my friends? Could be....I guess..)

Remember Jada?

Well, she recently took a nice ride to a scenic spot lots of us know about, Bald Peak State Park and while wandering about taking in the beautiful view some shitheal stole the license plate off her bike. That's low, really low. 

Here's something that I'd appreciate all you good kats passing around, post it up on every forum and every classifieds you can. It's good karma.

From her post:

"On February 2nd I rode out to Bald Peak because it was a beautiful day, and a sketchy man that was there appeared to have taken off with my plate as I wandered down the hill. He may be riding around with it on his bike, or may be selling a bike with my license plate on it.
Ok, what pisses me off, is that he SAW me get off my bike (I am a female rider), and followed me down the hill for a little bit, then turned around. Once I got back up the hill, he was gone and so was my plate. Who steals from a lady?!
Here is a photo of the day that I registered my bike (about a month ago) before I had even put them on. If you see this plate, please report it.
Thanks guys!!"

(To be clear, the curb stomping part was mine....I think Jada may be too nice for that. I'm not.)

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  1. What a boner biting asshole. Have you called it in? All eyes out for you sexxy bitch