Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ariel Arrow 250cc Racer
I do love a weirdo bike! Found this on Bubblevisor, I will have to research this one, I have no idea what it is other than an Ariel 2-stroke racer of some kind. Anyone have any thoughts?

Ok just got the low-down on this one from Richard who goes by 'Teazer' online, who is a wealth of information. Chances are if you need to know something about bikes, be it chassis design points or in this case semi-obscure history he's your guy.

According to this sage source the above weirdobike is An Ariel Arrow 250cc racer, either from the TT or possibly a sprint bike from a fellow named George Brown. 

An oddly cute little bugger
A cafe racer version, street trim due to the road lights and license plate on the back.
And a more race oriented beastie. I like it!
George Brown:

Some neat pics here:

Loads more images to see here:

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