Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Capable Women

Let's be honest with ourselves for just a bit this morning. Man + motorcycle is kind of a given; motorcycles are historically known to be visceral, dangerous and fulfilling in ways that only great sex, great booze and great music can be. Before all two of you females out there get all in a bundle, this is for you....

Something I like even more than wearing the chicken strips off my tires are women who ride. Really RIDE. It's one thing to get your hipster on and moped your way to the local used vinyl shop or coffee's another thing entirely to own it.

There's something greatly attractive to me about a woman who can go from slinky sexy, dressed to the nines... to greasy, scuffed and noisy in a turn. I want to know what makes her tick, what makes her set aside the heels and silk to throw on big stompy boots and a helmet to tear it up in a 'Man's World' like motorcycling. 

I find capable women immensely sexy.

This is Jada and her CL175 (fixed just for you ) Bruiser, they look like a perfect match! Photo by the talented and moto-endowed Lanakila MacNaughton
Since I started this stupid blog I wanted to do the occasional interview, present something interesting to you lot of barbarians. I may have hit on it.....we'll see.

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