Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beating up on the noobies.....

What is it about these here intertoobs that make otherwise mellow folks into raging douche-nozzles? How many of us have been nuked by some self proclaimed expert on one forum of another for having the temerity to be 'The New Guy'?
(cue scary theme music)

The simple solution; just don't play. Move on and find somewhere else to get your questions answered. Yes, there will always be a fat, pimply, basement dwelling, lube palmed hero poster who will try and start shit. They're everywhere because it's cool to be an anonymous dickhead on the 'net. However, those 'guys' tend to get themselves shut down and/or shunted off in short order. If however you find yourself in the midst of a feeding frenzy, just calmly walk away. There are other places so don't sweat the petty shit. And it's all petty...

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