Monday, July 11, 2011

Big Fat Music Monday

I have always been a little schizophrenic when it comes to music. It got worse when we moved to Tokyo; as a 15 year-old I was pretty lost there until I found a record store at the outdoor market near our home, that rented American music albums (vinyl) and sold highend cassette tapes and equipment for dubbing your own cassettes. For 300yen....about $1.30 at the time you got the platter of your choice, a metal cassette and could enjoy the vinyl for a week to boot! If I remember correctly there was some 5000 albums to select from. ODB just reminded me that they did have classical, jazz and early electronica as well as the 'shit you listen to'.
When we left the land of the rising sun I had some 600 or so tapes, all over the board as far as genre is concerned. I could have had more but around the 2 month mark I discovered 'Japanese Highschool Girls'......but that's another story all together.

I have also had the good luck to be introduced to all sorts of new music from friends and acquaintances, so in honor of Big Fat Music Monday (it's a holiday somewhere....):

The amazingly talented Emily Wells (best use of kids toys)

The incomparable Camille O'Sullivan (Best Nick Cave cover EVER!!!! Thanks for this one Troy!)

Tom Waites.....
"Tom Waits' songs are like a Tennessee Williams play; the sound of people living together in separate silent hells." ~ Unknown online commenter

John Prine ......because he's John Prine

Junkyard...fat, sticky 80's rock sound! 
In the 80's I had the same hair as the lead singer and dressed like BonJovi. It worked to my advantage in Japan.....I was HUGE in Japan.

The Stones.

Towns Van Zandt

Thanks to the Barbarian Horde, thanks for following I hope you're diggin' it.
More to come.......

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