Friday, July 15, 2011

Sakura the Sake Rocket

Sakura is Japanese for Cherry Blossom, it will be a running element in this bike's final form. 

Not so blossomy in this form, as I acquired her. This was after 4 hours of diligent scrubbing and cursing. This is one of those bikes that some shmuck bought, road for a couple seasons and parked next to his garage to lemming off after his next societal fix. 

My buddy Big Myk bought it, not knowing anything about motorcycles and being overwhelmed, she sat neglected again for a further 3-4 years before coming to me after his cat tried to mate with both my new couches. 
note: The cafe seat is just propped on it in this pic, as my initial plan was to build her into a canyon machine.

27xx miles, empty rear shocks and three dead mice shot out of the exhaust when I got her fired! Typical abused wiring...why do people think it's ok to do stupid shit to a bike that one would NEVER do to a car? Left turn signal......headlight flashed, sorta. Step on the rear brake pedal and the neutral light glowed faintly. Fuck me.....

Stick with my while I cram a diamond up this goats ass....

Here's the frame after a little chopping and hacking. Nothing outrageous here just a good solid platform.
I'm still working on taking pics as I go so there's nothing showing the grinding and detabbing process. It was done rudely and with much malice using a hacksaw, 5" side grinder, some files and various flap wheels. I had grit in my hair and teeth when I got home. It was fun!

Here it is all smoothed and purdy with a nice new coat of black epoxy. Also shown is the CB360 swingarm which is a couple inches longer than the OEM piece. As it sits, the strut is at 11" and the bar in the swingarm is at centerline for the 19" wheel and tire I'll be running back there. The front will be lowered to suit but this is the static ride height she'll have once on two wheels again. I'll be setting up the rear for approximately one inch of  droop sag leaving a remaining 2" of compression. Hey at least it's not a hardtail, there will be a little suspension.....maybe.....

Much more to come....later.

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