Friday, November 11, 2011

Cleaning off the shelves.......

So I'm gonna need to free up some monies in the next few weeks, between buying another project bike (should have my head examined), rebuilding this stinking computer and my urge to drink expensive whiskey....I'm short a few $.

That being said, here's a fun bit that I made for a project that never came to pass.
What to do with an old S90 piston and tail light and the LED portion of a broken but fiendishly bright tactical flashlight? Make a piston tail light!
Start with one gooched '65 SS90 piston, add turned and pressed in brass plugs tapped M6. These were pressed in with around 2000psi so they ain't falling out anytime soon.
You can see the LED driver installed in the aluminum ring. I used the flashlights' chromed reflector though I doubt it's needed, this light was vicious on 4.5v.....even with the current limiting resistors, on 12v it should be brutal to anyone tail-gaiting.

What!?! A crack in the lens!? Yup. I took the very center of the SS90 tail light for this piece with it's equally authentic crack. Kinda weird though, the crack appears to be completely internal to the plastic lens. Can't feel it on the outside or inside.
Here's a shot for scale....except I have big hands. It's a 50mm/1.985" piston though so you get the idea.
Anyone want this piece? Drop me an email and we'll work it out. I can also help with a mounting bracket should you need......

Other things immediately available:

 Cerani style cast aluminum headlight 'ears' for 35mm forks. They have some shelf wear but nice overall. $35 shipped in the US 

CB450/500t idiot lights, everything works but could use fresh screws $20 shipped in the US.
08 EX250 top clamp, excess bits milled off and a fresh coat of black epoxy $25 shipped in the US
CB450/500t ignition switch and key. $50 shipped in the US.


  1. What's with PC issues? One more of my specialties, if I can call in a fav from a few geeks I will.

  2. The issue with my PC is it's ancient and I've been band-aiding it together for way too long. I need a newer up to date box but unfortunately it's a low priority vs. getting tooling and keeping the lights on ya know?