Monday, November 14, 2011

Vendor Shoutout

I know I said I was done for the day but....
I've decided to create a 'shout out' feature here for good vendors and other sellers who do the right thing. Now, I know there are lots of good online shops out there but this is more for the individual who in my opinion is going the extra mile. I am not affiliated with any featured vendor other than as a customer.

First up is The Cycle Barn

Seems a small thing, I just needed a servicable CB360 rear axle assembly for a project here in the shop....oddly enough NOT a CB360 haha. I did a quick search on ebay and came up with these guys. I noted that all his photos are really clear and the parts are clean. I rolled the dice and hit 'buy it now' on the 7th and kinda forgot about the piece for the time being. 
It came in via the mailbox, and being a used part...I was astounded by what was in the box. The pic showed a clean used axle assembly, what I got was a clean used axle assembly and by clean I mean nearly spotless. Compared with the item in hand, the pic on ebay looks dingy and cruddy. These parts really are very nice, and unmolested. Not rounded wrench flats, no...NONE at all....surface rust to speak of. Even the chain adjusters and hardware they included are all as close to perfect as possible. 
Add to that, it came packed with real care. I'm pretty careful about packing stuff to ship and this guy is right up there. not only was the axle assembly carefully wrapped in newspaper but that was then nestled into a box very firmly packed with the edible soy packing peanuts. I don't recommend chowing on them, they taste kinda yucky but they won't kill you......

All in all, I'm very pleased with The Cycle Barn and will definitely check with them for used parts when I need them! You should check'm out too!

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