Tuesday, November 8, 2011

He fell down officer.....no...really.....

Yep, that's just how it happened. First person that 'Snopes' me on this gets a bag of flaming dog poo in the mail...haha
Yes. Yes it is.....

I'm not one of the 'Occupy Wallstreet' guys but I do think we need to institute 'Punch a Banker day' and move our funds to Non-profit credit unions. End of the month for mine you fat bitches!

Crude, dangerous, unrefined and unrepentant, loud, obnoxious, completely uncivilized.......fucking perfect!

Well lookee there!
Stacy Dash, forty-something and so devastatingly beautiful as to be unfair to women half her age. Thank you dear for nothing more than existing.

Ok you lot, I count 30 of you and that's cool!  
Followers, you lot otherwise affectionately known as my Barbarian Horde, please hit me up at the shop email address: HomageMotoWorks-at-gmail-dot-com with the following:
1) Real name
2) Screen nick you most often post under
3) Where you most often post online
4) A shipping address where you can receive mail

I'm about to get my first run of Stickers done and would like to gift you all with one or two. Just 'cuz you all rawk!


  1. how do we know if we qualify as a follower?

  2. If you've subscribed to this blog you should show up in the 'Members' area up top of the page....