Monday, November 14, 2011

Yay Monday......

So this last Friday was my birthday and that made this weekend pretty busy, good....but busy. As such I'm dragging ass today. This week I have three sets of clip-ons, a pair of billet triple clamps to hack out and maybe a little time on one of my projects too. Not a heavy week by any means but enough to make planning my time a worthy exercise, first order of the business then is to get off the damned intertoobs and make something. 

With that in mind I'd better get my Monday post lined up for y'all!
Tidy comes to mind......oh, and 'Woof'!
 No upholstery, no lights, no fucking cup holders....Yup, gimme!

Conspicuous Abundance

We need more of this in America. Too much spent on worthless farkles and not nearly enough good sweaty fun.

Add your own caption......'cuz I can't think of anything good enough to follow this pic

Lastly and still quite important:
Members and followers otherwise known as 'The Barbarian Horde' please please get me your particulars via email so I can get you some swag! I have a sticker design that's about ready to go to production and you of the Horde will be receiving a unique version so get to it you slackers!

Real name:
Nickname used online (if you do):
Where you post most often:
Mailing address:

To make this all official: your personal information will not be sold, rented loaned or otherwise displayed for any other online douche-nozzle to fuck with. I'm Douche-Nozzle enough for everyone!

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