Monday, February 6, 2012

For Trent

I like guns. 
I shoot them and admire them and collect them. I love them for the mechanism and the fact that for all the plastic packaging and whizzy laser sights, you can trace their lineage all the way back to ancient times. I have a very cool old flintlock that has almost the same trigger release mechanism as my Husqvarna 32cal Canadistanian Mounted Police pistol. Neat. Some of the most lovely engraving I've ever seen was laid not upon Granny's tea set but an old pistol.
Yes yes...guns kill people. But only when there's a persondouchebag pulling the trigger. I can lay out every one of mine, loaded on a table and dance around in front of them in your mom's undies and nothing will fucking happen. Except possibly horrified laughter from the neighbors.
Thing is there's lots of items that can kill so pissing and moaning about one machine, and that's all a firearm is...a machine, is patently stupid. 
To quote myself (cuz I'm so damned RAD) "I can kill you with a plastic baby spoon".

I can. But I won't because I like you.

An angry eight yearold with a claw hammer can kill you.
Grandma driving her Buick to bingo night will surely kill you. And she hates you.
(Sorry, she told me)

So, bring on the hatemail you few useless whiners. It's just a blog after all. I'll honor you with a post of your very own. Pussies.

Just lovely and would go very well with a pair of Granddad's cufflinks I have.
His and Hers love guns, went for $13,000 at auction! Now that's love....

La Femme Fatale......indeed.

These last two are old time spy pocket watch guns

The truth is, while I think the pieces posted above are rad, I really like this kinda shit:
Loads more pics and info here

And one more for the road, bitchin parts don't make themselves....


  1. I always liked the phrase...
    "Guns don't Kill People... I Kill People"

  2. Holy Crap! All that praying to the Gods of Mechanical Goodness, and sacrifices of Gas, Oil, and Rubber have finally paid off. Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration has smiled upon me...

    I can post now!!!

  3. thanks for the inspiration, mister!

  4. @Redbird: Hey glad you made it in chief! Once you're past the doorman though it's all downhill!

    @Trent: Glad to help man, you're a better at researching on the toobz than I am so I'm glad you dug it and dug in!