Thursday, February 16, 2012

Skinny or chubby......

not much to report.
trying to decide, thoughts of the horde?
I think something fell off.......



I've decided to swap from the CB360 swingarm (+1.5" give or take a little over stock) to an XS650 swingarm for more like 3" of stretch. It's also a better piece over all having much beefier tubes, axle plates and eye-eye shock mounts. I'll be using some neat old adjustable units I pulled off one of my XS850s and rebuilt. Typical spring perch adjustment with a damping 'clicker' at the top that allows a really broad swing in damping. Since the 850 is about 250 pounds heavier than this will be when buttoned up I have little worry about the shocks being up to the more laid over position. 

Truth be told I'm already sold on the skinny version but the pic does make an interesting point about relatively subtle changes having a big overall effect on the final product.


  1. Your skinny gives me a chubby. How's that for an answer? :) Love it!
    Then you went and added the extra 3" to the SA. Freakin icing on the cake! The extra little stiffness from the shocks will be appreciated with the changed angles of suspension. keep at it looking beautiful

  2. Haha....come to think of it, I AM kinda building BTC's big sister huh! In this case the total stretch with the XS swinger is 3", the cb360 piece was around 1.2" over stock. So three total from stock, not added to the 360 length, that'd be looooong!

    Thanks for the good words, coming from you it means a lot. For those that are reading along, Troy just OWNED at the Timonium show with his bike Willow.

  3. skinny for sure. tires are like women. save the cushion for when you're old and can't get anything else.

  4. Another vote for skinny. The chubby one will push the front and make cornering more of a chore than a pleasure.


  5. The tribe has spoken!

    Willdorf: I almost spit water on the screen, very funny!