Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stolen moment

So...I don't get as much time to tinker on my own stuff as I'd like but needed a mental reset today so I took an hour and fucked around with Sakura. Felt good and has kinda re-lit my fire. This is a mockup but looks pretty much as I envisioned though the bars are only a place holder as I have......plans.
Holy shit! This almost looks like a motorcycle now! Please note that in reality the forks are sticking up 7" above the top clamp, I photochopped the shit right out of'm! Not only that but the pipes actually end right at the pegs, BUT.....this does give a good overall idea what I had in mind. I dig it!
A quickie front view, again the for tops have been p-chopped off. What I see now is that with the 10" shocks out back as planned, for it to sit level I'm looking at around 1" of front compression That's not much and would probably be fine but I may go for 11" shocks and raise it up just a bit in front to match. It'll still be nice and low looking but somewhat less likely to beat me to death on the road. This front end is comprised of the triples from a 450/500t and the forks and front wheel from an XS650. The Honda forks may have shorter sliders so may be short enough to allow a wee bit more travel while lowered so i may do that, it's just that these 650 forks are is perfect condition.

She's still rocking my ultra high tech cardboard seatpan template but I'm pretty happy with the shape so can move forward with that though I'll form the pan from aluminum sheet and hammer some shape in up front then have someone competent upholster it in a nice dark tan leather.

So here you go...what I do to keep from going completely bugshit nutso on days that push me that direction.


  1. this is going to be a great bike, man. digging the covers and suicide shift. the lines all around are really nice.

  2. Thank you sir, means a lot. I'm happy over all, though there's a long way to go. I just HAD to sling a front end on it, it's been stuck as a bare frame for too long.
    It was just what I needed, I'm excited about the bike again!