Monday, February 27, 2012

No new biz until Monday April 2nd (4/2/12)

No new biz until Monday April 2nd (4/2/12)

Well, it looks like I've reached the point of saturation. It's a good 'problem' to have when you're attempting to 'do biz' but it's a problem just the same. Yes, I *could* take more orders and might actually get things done in a decent time frame....maybe. But, more likely as one-off projects are want go, things get stretched out and there's someone who's gonna be pissed. 

I'm too damn cranky to deal well with emails like this: 
"Where's my SuperspeedyTotallyAwesomeFaster3000?? You said it'd be done in time for Uncle Mortie's trackday coming out party! Ima go get on internet forums and saw bad things about you and your mom!"

Luckily, my customers are not that shitty, so I hope you can all the interest of keeping everyone happy I'm holding off on new work until 4-2-2012. Those of you who have a deal in the works, it's all good and I've taken your project into account so all's well. For the's only a month so hang in there.

Still STILL grinding on your frame but it's coming much closer. You should stop by and take a look if you have time. Removing the shock mount gussets REALLY lightened it appearance a lot. You know that SOLID steel master cylinder mount? Yeah...really was solid steel! Weird huh? Hey, before I hack off the centerstand mounts you should gimme a call or a visit, had a thought........
Haven't received the reamer for the pivot bolt, will call'm this afternoon.

Zoot: your swingarm conversion is done. I feel slightly dirty.....

I should be posting pics of your finished top clamp this afternoon. The CF inserts gave me a headache but the payoff is worth it, you'll dig it! Your clutch cover is in the works and won't be recognizable when it's done. Material for your spacers should be here tomorrow so I can get them turned up too, just trying to tie all three sections together. I think I'll have to invent a piece of tooling to do what I want but that's cool.

I should have your porting done this month too so you can get the mean little 350 buttoned up! Should be a beast mate!

Samantha: (Smart women order custom work from me!!)
Just got your seatbase this afternoon so I'll get the mounting layout and the electric pan made this month too. Should be a nice change (your feet will touch the ground! haha) and the bike should shed 20 pounds of beef too! Cool beans....

Shocks should be shortened and all sorted by the deadline, 9" is pretty short mate but I trust your measurements.'s your bike and your kidneys mate...hahaha

You Clip-on lot(again):
Haha....where the hell did all of you nutters come from? Shazam!....out of the blue I'm up to my neck with orders, great 
Anyway, for reading public: I have 23 sets of clip-on blocks to make in three styles, 7 different fork bores, two different bar diameters, 2,3&4 bolt styles, 36 individual sections of aluminum bar stock in three different lengths for use as handlebars for the ones I'm supplying. Yeah....lots to do.

If I didn't mention your name here is means I don't like you, you dress funny and smell like cheese. 

Ok not really, mainly I'm crunched for time and am bite it.

Oh yeah, the filler.......
for the sash.'s her ass.......

I survived and every scar I have comes complete with a good story! Maybe we're doing it wrong these days....?

This is the kind of badass old kat I plan on being when I get all croaky.

I'm pretty sure he's throwing down with a 23 yearold Pirelli umbrella girl. Maybe two of them. He moved on to track trim after getting bored with Victoria's Secret models.....

Truth is, I've lost my info on this set of pics so if anyone knows anything please pipe up huh? What bike?

80's Superbike goodness!

Be good humans..........

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