Thursday, April 5, 2012

Filler, fluff, too much goddamned rain, the fookin' phone and a slipping schedule

What the hell, it's Tuesday and I feel like working backward.....

Slipping Schedule

I apologize to those of you waiting on 'Short term' projects; you kats on the clip-on list, Mike D for a few things, Ringo and Mr.Spacers. I way overestimated my time available and things are definitely running long. If that's not cool with you, drop me a line at and we'll work it out. 

Having loads of work is good, it really is. Unfortunately this hit when some things outside the shop(out there in that 'real world'** place) came to sit on my chest as well haha. That being said, I have exactly zero scheduled outside the shop for some time so hopefully we'll be past this hitch quickly. Thanks for being patient, I'll make sure your goodies are spiff!

The phone.....bain of my existence

An incomplete list of people I'm supposed to call but haven't because I suck and get lost in the work until it's way too late to call. But mostly because I suck.....
Trent because he's a badass and made me a generous offer that I wish to partake of. I'd drink the Koolaid! Hell I'd dress up as BraMan and run around Nola with a 5 gallon bucket of daiquiri and a big straw. I plan to....
Caleb because he thinks big and has ideas and the wag to move on them.
Swaps because he's patient and a cool guy who's building an LSR VF500!
Jerry who does great logo work and likes scantily clad nubiles too. Nubile....that is a good word. It might be the best word.....except for blowjob. That's definitely the best word!
Troy simply because I haven't done so in far too long and you're too cool to not BS with.
Kiley because to my embarrassment.....I don't think I have.....ever.
...and the rest of you waiting on my busy ass, I'll make time for the phone I promise.

Side note: There's some scary shit for sale on ebay. I went looking for my favorite comic book character Bra-Man but google gave me this 


Rain. rain-rain, rain-rain, rain-rain, fuck.

(That's haiku right there)

Fuck me! Is it ever gonna quit raining? And what a stupid word.'s even stupid looking. The arrangement of letters leaves MUCH to be desired.

It is my fervent desire that it quit raining. Now.....
Fervent. Fervent is an ok word, not nearly as good as nubile or blowjob though.

Fluff and Filler

Not that there's really anything wrong with fluff. Some of my favorite things are kinda fluffy:
-The warm zip in liner for my Hein Gerrick Dakar is kinda fluffy and furry.
-the fleece neck binky I bought in the clearance bin at the local Honda shop for a buck.....also similarly warm and fluffy and slightly furry.
-Kittens and puppies are fluffy and furry and cute and make me less likely to stab a banker. I want a cute Kitty&Puppy poster for the wall in the shop....I think that'd be rad.  (Mostly because women will dig it)

So how about some filler? Some filler that's kinda fluffy...
Yay indeed....
For the tan, the tat and the contrast

for her unreadable expression

***"The Real World" may or may not exist outside my shop. There are times when I'm fairly doubtful, usually because what's going on out there is so fucking left field stupid that my tools and machine are often the only things that make any sense to me what so ever.

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