Friday, April 6, 2012

Something fell off.......

I'm pretty sure, something fell off back there.....

This is a pretty good illustration of just how 'modular' this bike is, both the chain and shaft drive versions have essentially the same chassis with the exception of the swingarm and possibly some variation of the lower section it bolts to but I haven't compared the two side by side. 

Pretty much a lego-bike. I just picked up another upper frame section that'll be bolted on in place of this one. Once the swap is complete, I'll drop the steering head SEVERAL inches on this one(titled) and bring the static steering angle back to 25* to more suit the TL1000r front end I have for it. I have another lower portion as well that'll be modified to suit the CBR600rr swingarm that I still have to procure a top mount for......grrrr.  

It'll be significantly braced as well as I'm likely gonna chop the middle right out of the frame completely ala Herr Koch's lovely creations, feast your eyes:
Look ma! No middle!

Again, the center portion of the frame has been removed to cut weight and open up the middle visually. The engine is designed as a fully stressed member and has been raced in the same configuration so I'm not worried at all about strength. This will require a one-off seat frame but that bolts on and will be relatively easy to take care of.

I've got it stripped to actually get off my ass and wire the damned thing. I've sworn off EVERYTHING tomorrow and will be here slinging wire and hopefully NOT letting any smoke out of anything other than the engine.

More goodies for this one came this week. I did a little happy dance.
Remember that Mikuni mass buy I talked about a few weeks back? This is what I got in that run! Two brandinew TM38 flatslides for the beastie! YUM! They'll slot right into the boots on the bike now, luckily they are still quite pliable though I could turn up some aluminum manifolds if needed. They have that....'New Carb Smell'

I briefly considered a slight change in direction..........ok not really but it was a giggle. The tank is off an 09 Triumph Rocket3 and is so fucking large it's only 2" or so narrower than the bars themselves. The seat is from a sportster. Some 18" apes and no mufflers  
No, this is what dumb looks like in case you missed the memo's pretty interesting how different it looks with this bodywork. Definitely cruiser in nature, makes me wonder what's hiding under some other droopy choppersan rejects out there....

And in closing, something lovely to look at on a Friday night I'm spending by myself in the shop....
Quite possibly perfect

may not be perfect but I bet she's loads of fun!

There's more to see in the paddock than bikes and skinny little assholes dressed in leather!

Nice flowers.....

I don't remember it quite like this in the 80's......
I like'm dirty! Beautiful and stacked doesn't hurt though....

Happy Easter you degenerates!

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