Monday, April 30, 2012

Life lessons and shit like that.....

( WARNING: Personal shit)

It's been a shitty, destructive, depressing, grinding, sad 11 years.
It's over, I'm done. I accepted all the shit, all the blame, all the angst. I did without pay while you bought a new car you didn't need, a new bike you definitely didn't need, a house when you could have rented like the rest of us poor fuckers just trying to make ends meet. You bought that giant TV, the carpet, log splitters, a car for your girlfriend........and you look at me like you've done ME a favor.

Karma is a bitch. 
(...the last stripper I dated was named Karma....for real....but she was kinda nice)
I am done with carrying those who won't carry themselves.
I've lost almost everything I could possibly lose, my self respect is the last thing and you can't have it you dirty worthless cur.
I've sacrificed and gone without for you and your 'gotta haves'.
I've lived knee deep in shit you've caused and I ALWAYS clean up your mess.
I've withstood your insults, your humiliations, short paychecks, bad business decisions and narrow, bland, uncreative "plan". A plan that somehow included me carrying you to your moldering demise while I pave the way with my own dreams.

For every scar on my face and every scar inside where nobody can see.
For every time you found a way to try and undermine me in front of women.
For every time you put someone else ahead of your own son.

You reap what you sew and you love to kick me when I'm down.
Remember....I'll get back up soon and then you're fucked.

OK, personal shit aside for the time being.....

I'm out of my shop space as of the end of the week at the latest. I'll be setup in a few days in a very temporary spot where I can do small machining and such.Those that have projects with me, please get in touch so we can work out details. I have little to no money to throw around but I'll be able to finish up what I have going if I can beg just a little more patience. However like I said before when things started going down the tubes, if you want your money back let me know and I'll do what I need to.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience the causes to you or your projects. Last thing I ever wanted. I also apologize for airing my personal dirty undies here, but it's my outlet at the moment.


  1. Really sorry to hear Swag. Life's a motherfucker. No worries on the head, shove it in a box and send me a bill for shipping. Whatever you do, DON'T stop this blog!


  2. Hah....Invictus Maneo! I remain unvanquished!

    That'd be terrible Bob, it's about 80% done. I need to clean up one intake port a little, do a volume and flow test and get that one beat up guide in place. Standby, I'm a week from a new workspace so all is not lost....

  3. completely up to you my friend. I don't want to hold you up on more important things or keep you dragging my old shit around. If theres anything I can do to help ya, I'm here. Here being 3,000mi away but still... You're a once in a life dude, fuck em all and do what you want.