Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Well that worked out.......


So as the more astute(read as: less stoned, drunk or bashed in the dome) of you will have noticed that things are still a little wacky here, those 'big changes on a personal level' are still going on and are likely to for the foreseeable future, though 'things' around here should get back to normal by the end of the month. I took March off of new business and it looks like April will be the same. Money's getting squeaky tight but that's just the way it goes. I can do with a few less big dinners, cheaper beer in the fridge and a little generic ramen never hurt anyone right? Right?!? 

Truly though, for those of you who aren't comfy waiting just drop me a line and I'll throw a refund your way. Right now there's only a couple of you that are drastically overdue for goodies and I am really sorry. though I gotta say, everyone has been very cool and I thank you. Hit me up if ya need to fellas, I'd rather lose a little money on a couple deals than have you kats pissed off out there in intertoob land.
Ya dig?

Here's somethings that are pleasant to look at......
You wanna put that.....where?
Just I like'm; nekid, happy and stacked up to make room for more!
Kim Novak circa 1955 or so.
Put her up top of the goddamned stair-master at the gym and I'd follow for HOURS!!! Motivation!
blah blah know, be good humans.


  1. Cheap Beer?!?! Oh the Humanity!!!

    Dude, if it gets that bad, let me know and I'll send you some beer money ;)

    As for following ass...

  2. Haha...thanks mate but sacrifice is 'they' tell me.
    THEY don't seem to be sacrificing though....hmm