Thursday, April 19, 2012

What the hell?

Well, it's sorta bike content....
Yesterday I had a stainless exhaust put on Miss Kitty's Jetta by the good kats a HM Motorsports. My buddy Jordan is the manager there and went the extra distance to get it right and it is! Sounds good, a bit more pop...a bit, it's a 2.0l single cam motor so it's not gonna be a barn burner but then she doesn't need a baby eater. I also added a K&N filter with a healthy airbox mod that not only added to the growl, especially off the line but also helped nudge the ponies up just a bit more.
It's a good setup for a daily driver like this, just enough audible presence to be fun, stainless won't rust away and it woke it up a bit. We may add a cam and possibly a header at some point too. I ordered a throttle body off ebay that I'm gonna bore out for a bit more intake flow and we'll look into a chip for it as well.

At this point though the spongy OE suspension HAS to be addressed. The little motor now grunts enough to throw the body back ie; lifts the front and squashes the rear as it takes off from a stop and even does some when you mash it below 35mph.
I've looked online at various options and it's either bargain KYB struts and shite springs or high buck coil overs. I won't put shit parts on her car and she doesn't need race suspension so I'm going to source my own middle ground solution likely in the form of KYB's step-up AGX adjustable struts, some machining here to convert to coil over springs which I'll source thru Eibach to suit. Not too stiff, but definitely firmer than stock. I might look into bending up some bigger swaybars too at some point...yeah I make custom's a long story.

Here's some crap pics:
A nice inline-resonator also in stainless. Teutonics Tuning doesn't mess around.
Nice stainless construction, not ricer flashy just good solid performance. Slightly larger diameter pipe too.
The stock airbox is fairly voluminous, but terribly restricted and the air path takes a circuitous route. Fuck that....I hacked out the bottom and got rid of the joke of a stock intake snorkel. There's now a large opening that draws from a largely protected void that's also nicely supplied with fresh cool air from the bumper area. I'll add a diverter tube if it's really needed....doubt it.

Nice K&N panel filter. Once the lid's on nobody will be the wiser other than the small "Do Not Shitcan!!!!" sticker on the top. Ah yes FYI: her Jetta is green so was dubbed Kermit.
Choke point!! This looks ok huh? At the indicated location however, the internal opening is approximately 15mm x 45mm! WTF?? Plus, there's a screen up near the grill opening that keeps crap outta the airbox...nice idea except that it clogs badly and in this case was only flowing maybe 40% if that. GONE!!!!!

I'm generally against stickers declaring aftermarket equipment but Miss Kitty got a giggle out of it so on they go!
Oh yeah, on top of everything else they were blazing fast and had the car ready to go in less that two hours. No muss, no fuss, no rattles, knocks or funny sounds.

Minor Bike content below:

Whilst out to retrieve said car I took the opportunity to meet Andrew from Little Horse as his shop is right my HM. This kat's one helluva fabricator and has deigned to take on the sheetmetal rework for the tank on Sakura. SEE!!!!! Bike Content!!!!

I love the shape of the little minibike tank I'll be using but there was some areas I wanted tweaked just a little. First is the bottom edge, it's in truth a pretty cheap tank from a cheap department store minibike of the 60's, the sheetmetal is kinda thin and there's an exposed pinch weld along to bottom that I want gone, reworked, covered....whatever. All the really nice tanks have a nice rounded bottom edge too and I want that. The other thing I want is some nutserts added around the OE filler neck as I've got something really REALLY neato planned for it. So neato in fact that there will be some of you who may experience a slight burning around the package. Have some beer around to douse the flames...ok? I'll feel bad after I laugh....

Blame Canada

I stole this from Trent at BikerMetric because it's fucking rad! You should go there and absorb his stuff wholesale.

Be good you troublemakers...

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