Monday, August 8, 2011

The great divide.......

So...what do you do when you have a pair of S90 forks that gotta come apart and one that's just plain stuck? Improvise....that's what!

So how DO you get it done? One Hi-lift jack (holdover from my 4x4 days) held in the bench vice, a monkey wrench and a pair of vice-grips. Bolt the axle clamp to the jack's arm and the monkey wrench to the top bolt of the fork, vice-grip that to the base of the jack....start jackin'.....MUCH easier than trying to reef it apart by hand.

As a side note, man are these things rudimentary! No damping rod at all, just a sort of bypass at the very bottom of the slider that closes off the damping holes drilled into the bottom of the tube when mashed down to the bottom. Frankly not much in the way of real damping at all, but what did you expect from a 65 honda that weighed 150lb ready to ride? However.....
They will work great when grafted to the front of an old ToteGoat minibike. Dad's buddy Sheldon is putting this together for a kid and needed some kind of front end as the regular "forks" rusted away to nothing.....literally. In truth all I needed to do once I got them unstuck was to turn down the tubes from 27mm to 25mm so they slip up inside the now cut off steel fork tubes. To top bolt holds them in place at present but I think I'll make a mod to add a little clamping action as well.'s kinda fun to say over and over again until a grouchy old man just leaves the shop.


Yup...that'll do it!

...think I'm gonna need that......

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