Friday, August 5, 2011

Work type updates......

Bob: Your type I head is here, I'll get the valve guides situated (I'm pretty sure I can get the bashed one repaired, it's not in a critical area. Then I'll get to porting on it, you'll have a nice punchy 350 to terrorize the neighborhood!

Rich: The material for your manifolds is in, I've got the slugs cut but that's all. I'll get them started tomorrow morning, hopefully wrapped up in the next few days as time allows.

Maxxie: Your hub is here and I gotta ask....did that moron from Caferacer TV bash it with a sledgehammer? No......really...... 
Don't sweat it, cleaned up on the lathe just fine. I'll get your disc fitted up later today mate, then on to the caliper adapter. No more hammers though....m'kay?

Lou: Hang in there buddy, it was good to talk to you the other night. If I plan my timing better 'She Who Must Be Obeyed' won't want to stab me for making dinner late...haha!

Ben: Your motor mount plates are done for both bikes, I'm doing the external finishing today on the KZ pieces then they're ready to go. When you're ready, throw me a couple bones and they'll be in the mail.

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