Friday, August 5, 2011

Some progress

Sorry it's been a few days, I've had my hands full with Life Shit(tm) and not much computer time. I did however steal a few hours to slip the freshened up engine back into the frame, looks pretty nice if you ask me.

The engine is in the frame, it was in such good shape internally that I just couldn't bring myself to tear it apart. This is a ~3000 mile motor, the cams aren't even burnished yet! I stuck and inspection camera into the spark plug holes and the bores still have nice crisp crosshatching as well. After I verified that the compression is good and the rings aren't stuck or anything (it's been sitting for a while) I cleaned the exterior crud off and hit the side covers and the head with Eastwood's lovely wrinkle black. I decided to leave the rest of it factory, it's got a slight patina that I am really enjoying. The motor just looks like it has a story to tell.....makes me smile. The tank is only sitting on the frame at the moment, I'll wait to finalize it's mounting later, once I have a seat that doesn't cram my balls up into my gut. The back of the tank will be raised to 'level' it, leaving a HUGE space under and beside it that will house all the electronics and possibly even the battery. Tomorrow I'll be making my aluminum engine brackets that will match the other finned parts I've made. I also have a pile of nice stainless fasteners for the engine and major frame elements. Stay tuned.....

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