Monday, August 29, 2011

Some more, albeit slow progress ......

  I had some more progress on the Sakura project, so I thought I'd play show and tell.
Here's the points cover nicely sandblast finished and accented with my hand made brass cup washers and stainless screws.

Here's the stator cover in counter point to the lovely wrinkle black on the main side cover. I added the brass accents to it too.

Here's the oil pump cover that some of you may have heard me pissing and moaning about in another venue. This is an integral part of the oil system on this engine. The pressurized oil from the pump enters a port at the bottom, axially and flows up to an outlet that dumps into the centrifugal oil "filter" which really is more of a rotary separator for those of you refugees from Chem. 101. From there it's ported back into the cover then up to the main oil galley at the base of the cylinder where it's then fed to the main bearings and up to the head. The internal porting required for proper function was a little hairy to get right but I did. The fins in this case are completely functional as they increase the surface area by ~220% and should help cool the oil on it's way to the important parts of the engine. Oh.....and it looks cool too with more stainless and brass!
Here's one of the few pics I have showing the 4mm recesses being milled in to allow the brass cup washers to seat into the individual pieces in a nice snug manner. You can also get a peek at what the machined pieces looked like before surface finishing. Raw baby....RAW!

Here's a shot of what the cup washers(sic) look like. They are a wee bit time consuming to make but the final product look so good it's more than worth the effort!  Actually, you all could lend a little insight if you're so inclined; I've been going back and forth about whether or not to add them to the screws holding the black side covers to the main cases. I like the idea but don't want to go overboard. Thoughts on cup washers, flat washers or none on the side cases? Let me know here in the comments it you feel like it or hit me up via email:  

Addendum: initially I'd planned on leaving the main engine cases as they are, the faint patina that I liked so much at first looks like hammered dog shit now when shown next to the nicely finished bits. That's what happens when you start dressing parts up on these old bikes....other bits start looking shabby. Damnit.....
so chances are good I'll yard the engine out (it's really easy at this stage) and spruce up the main cases and cylinders a bit. Go big or go home...right?

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