Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday...err...Tuesday.... is a good day for beer......

Here's the beer I started in late July, ready for the next step in the process. Yay beer.....
The racking process entails siphoning off the beer to leave behind any byproducts, usually inert yeast and various proteins.

If you click this picture you'll get a better idea of one byproduct we'll be getting rid of. Roughly circled are those nodules of crud I mentioned above. MMMmmmm.....not.

First bottle! I did what pretty much every brewing newby does given the chance. I went for the spiffy flip top bottles. They cost extra.....lots extra.
36 bottles plus a 'growler' for approximately $30 total not counting the bottles....and this ain't Coors light!

This bottle is deceptive looking; this is a liter size bottle (~32oz) as opposed to the 16.3oz bottles I used for everything else. Mr.B pulled it out for me when there was still some beer to be bottled. I think I'll call it Bubba.....

This was supposed to be my pointless Monday drek....now it's Tuesday.

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