Thursday, December 1, 2011

Another Vendor Shoutout: Bridge City Cycles

Bridge City Cycles
My pal Mark has been bugging me to come out to the cool bike shop he works at but life has been doing it's best to keep me too busy to breath so I only recently made it out to check them out. 

I finally got to meet Mark in person(mlinder online) though it's believed that we may have met in passing at a previous group ride, I also had the good fortune to meet Anthony the proprietor, his partner Megan and Romeo the very friendly shop dog. I was immediately greeted and embraced like family (by the dog) and the humans seemed to like me too.

The shop's been in place for a short while but it's relative newness is obscured by no less than 12 bikes on the main floor for services ranging from a simple spruce-up to a full-on rebuild. Mostly neat older UJMs, just the kind of shop we need here in that caters to everyone, not just those who tool about on brand new shiny bling-barges. I like that a lot. 

Bridge City has or can get just about anything you'd need for your personal two wheeled pursuit of nirvana so just ask. You'll probably make a few new friends too....

Hopefully I'll be able to get out again soon with a camera and I'll snap some shots for a real live Shop Feature #1! Stay tuned for more, fellow babies...

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