Monday, December 12, 2011

Some goodies for the XV and some other important things....

It's been a busy time here recently so I've been concentrating on customer work (more of which I can't show unfortunately) and haven't done much on my own projects but I did snap a couple pics that make me smile:
So I was cleaning(moving crap around the shop) and rudely piled stuff in front of the XV but thought it needed a pic for giggles: 41mm Showa front end originally from a K75 BMW with emulators and springs from Racetech, very tasty indeed! Spoked wheels from a CB500 with really good tires, CBR discs and those lovely six piston calipers.
Think it'll stop?

And what you really want to see:
Dig the aviators!

She can be in front, I don't mind at

Those little red panties, they passed the test........

Umm...Miss? I think perhaps you've lost a button......thanks.

P.I.L.F. (I don't really need to I?

Uhhh....uumm, to see here, just look at the pretty picture. I'm told there's a bike in there somewhere.

(this is for you Failmart, nobody can say I don't take care of my horde!)

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