Friday, December 23, 2011

Statistical Analytics tells me I'm screwed!

So...the law of averages (or some other more appropriate statistical analytics concept) says that if you do something noteworthy, someone will take note. I dunno if I'm really doing anything noteworthy but this afternoon I see that note has indeed been taken.

And I'm screwed.

I've had the opportunity to email back and forth a couple times with Trent Reker from, who is by all accounts a giant personality. Though our chats have been few and brief, I came away feeling that Trent
was actually talking WITH me and NOT AT me. That's pretty cool, especially since he's likely got a heavy email load and it's tough to put yourself out there to so many people all the time. Been there, don't do it so much anymore...takes too much outta ya. Much respect for those who can pull it off.

That being said, this afternoon I see that Trent peeks in here now and again and has joined the horde. Not only that but he kindly mentioned this humble little endeavor on How cool is that? The problem I REALLY feel like I should being doing something truly noteworthy here.

One of my plans for this little hole in the 'toobz has been to move it into a more magazine like format with weekly or by-weekly features and content. Trent and are two of the primary reasons I want to do so.
The key difference here is that where Mr.Reker is a talented wordsman, I'm lucky not to stab myself in the eye taking the cap off a bic pen.

Mazel tov with a Molotov, Muthafuckas!

If you haven't checked out his gig, drag your sorry butt over there and get a dose of color for your life. If you've lost taste for the corporate shovel-job we're all collectively bending over for, you'll dig the shit outta

Plus he hasn't bitched me out for kyping the occasional pic now and then.
(I'll be better about attribution whenever possible, it's just good practice)

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