Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Some of the best 'fails' of 2011

My favorite is right around the 10:50 mark! And yes...he does say "Hi Slut". 

And since it's the holiday season.....
I really dig this pic, the subject matter a favorite of mine but the 'action' captured is fantastic.

Nice sofa!

"Quick, wrap the table in plastic..."

Rural life wouldn't be so bad after all...
See...there's a bike!

Masume Max+frosting&sprinkles=snack time

'Nuf said

Inky goodness

repost, but I doubt you lot mind.....

70's tan-lines FTW!!

Lovely lovely forest creatures.

More vintage 70's glam. Mybe 80's as it appears she's trimmed the hedge.
I'd wager he's NOT thinking "Da plane...da plane!"

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