Monday, January 30, 2012

Here's a pretty unique bike....

There was a time when I would have poked fun at this bike mercilessly. It's not anything: it's not a cafe regardless of the bars, it's not quite a bobber though either. No stretched chopper front end so that's out. Rat!? No, though what little paint here is satin black there's simply too little junk heaped on the bike.

Genre-defying. Cool.
Take a little time to absorb the details that abound on this scoot!

A pretty simple formula at work here.....
Take a closer look at the pics shown here. There are a lot of interesting details that slip past the untrained eye.
One pair of worn out black Levi's and you're 3/4 the way to your very own custom seat! I love the pocket on the back too, I've been saving an old leather jacket for use as seat upholstery on something and I think I'll have to steal the pocket idea.
Note the rear of the frame in the seat pic above: It appears that he's capped the end of the frame where it was cut off. Nice touch...
It's got a one-off oil tank, that's nice and simple and it looks like he's made his own air filter. One thing I fee like I gotta point out also in the builder's favor on this one: While normally Ace bars without rear sets nets you a torture rack with wheels. one that you'll be happy to step off of after 20 miles or so, except.... 
Also note the ol'tank switcheroo; it's much shorter than the OE tank and the seat has been moved forward as well, hence a more or less useable seating position and in conjunction with the lowering lends it a stretched look without apparently adding any wheelbase. Neat.

See what else you can find:
305 tank? I don't know what model this came from, might not be a Honda for that matter but what fun!

Yes, even your aged Honda can throw gravel....but is it this cool looking?

Lots to dig here you nutjobs, dig in!

Looks like it even gets ridden now and again and though I think the pilot here may be of a more.......compact nature than some, the position looks pretty workable.

I stole these pics from a neat blog called: Aztoon Wheels
You should check it out, there's a little more about the bike and lots of other interesting things to see!

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