Monday, January 9, 2012

The Right Cage

It's raining like a cow and a flat rock here, it's cold and I'm grouchy. When it's nasty like this thoughts turn to my other love...Hotrods, Street Hunters, Trail 4x4s etc. Yeah, yeah....I admit it...I like a cage sometimes but it has to be 'the right cage'.
Beast indeed!

Early sexy!

Paint woulda been too heavy. LOVE! IT!

These first nine are from a fancy show at Pebble Beach. Some fairly historically significant and iconic rides to be sure but the Perrier and Caviar crowd would wear thin quickly.
WANT!!!!! How cool to have something like this for a shop truck!? I'd beat up a nun for an old Divco. Well....I'd speak sternly anyway.

WANT!!!!! I like this generation of the RX7 the best and the camo is fun too.

I'm not all that hot over a Crosley, but.....

......but apparently you can make a motorcycle from one. Weird, but interesting for sure.

I'll bet those pipes bark!

I don't even mind the rust...there's just something about this one that speaks to me. I think it's saying "Meh, don't bother washing....let's go!"
Why build one if you're not gonna use it?!
Now this car is cool. Looks to be an 'A' body with a one off nose, I really dig it. Were it mine I'd tone the paint down just a week bit and put a real interior in. Maybe some nice distressed Oxblood and tan leather.
Anyone have a clue what that dash is out of? One off maybe?

Two words: Wack and Job.

This one looks like it eats babies for fuel.....or Honda Civics. 'bout the same.....

Dunno what to think about this one but I want it. I imagine it sticks to the corners pretty well huh?


  1. Good stuff! I mean how many bikes can you look at? Man does not live on bread alone. Sometimes I want to see cars, damn it!


  2. Haha...well...there have been some 'Other Pretty Things' too....