Thursday, January 5, 2012

Revenge of the Nerds

(edited for shitty typos and worse grammar)
Being the enlightened and worldly gent that I am, I often find myself open to music I wouldn't normally be interested in. That goes for people too. I hang out with scruffy biker looking kats, a couple 50's throwbacks, a ballet dancer, several dozen techheads, a few dickheads, a small herd of potheads, various and sundry mechanics and designers, engineers (Dad B is Sr.MuckityMuck in charge of Makin' Shit for Daimler/Freightliner's truck division, I'm pretty sure his biz card says that too). I know several massage professionals and a couple MASSAGE pros too. Accountants, strippers, gun smiths, construction masters and stage techs to the gods, models, grouchy old men and sweet little old ladies who bake me cookies. Crazy 12yr old motocross assassins, cowboys and horse trainers, Masons, Elks, Eagles, VFW members, etc etc et al.

Golden, every one of them. 

They and their respective attachments keep my brain functional and make me laugh, yell, mad, think, laugh some more, sometimes sad but always happy to know them. When they aren't doing these things they may well be helping me kill a few thousand braincells. 

One such kat is my buddy Graham, who I don't chat with enough mainly because I suck at keeping in contact. Just ask my extended family...
I did scoot thru G's facebook page the other day and saw the above video.
It needed to be posted here.

also viciously and ruthlessly stolen from G:

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