Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just a quick one this afternoon.....

So I'm running my ass off today getting ready to cut Jordan's swingarm to suit his soon to be wackjob kz650 but I wanted to ask for a little assistance if it's to be had.

I'm not all that savvy at this whole 'blog' thing. If you look at BikerMetric, FTWCO, Kneeslider and a list of hundreds more.....they all look good and are well fleshed out. 
Honestly at this point all I really want to do is add a list of other blogs and sites I dig. I'm sure i could dig around in the menu system for an hour and figure out how to add that feature but frankly I don't have the time and I'm feeling lazy. Anyone care to point a voluntary Luddite in the right direction? Thanks, hugs!

edit: looks like I have it covered, thanks to all you lightening quick folks that were happy to point out what an idiot I am. There really IS an easy to find section for this....I'm just blind.

Been hearing this song a lot lately (on the way to overplayed I'm sure....damnit) so I checked out the video, what a fucking riot! I'd have loved to be part of the making of that carnage....check it out:

I also kinda dig that this kat with such an iconic sound is a coke-bottle glasses wearing mook. He seriously reminds me of my 7th grade science teacher.....I don't think that guy could sing though.

Here's a bit on making the video....seriously man, what fun! I wanna job where i can hang out with stuntment, hot chicks with guns and we all blow the shit out of something!
(nobody looks good on unretouched video....)

And of course what you really come here for......

Same girl as above? Certainly a similar helmet fit....

Guzzi Girls...gotta love'm!

Another Guzzi-Girl from Cycle Garden...

Nice boobs, great smile but it's the flight cap and goggles that really sell this one for me.

Kitty wants to take a nap on your hot girlfriends ass....what's not to like?

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