Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's like Christmas all over again!

Thanks Monty!

Not much progress on personal bikes thus far for 2012 but I did get some needed goodies so that was nice!
A GIANT collection of Weatherpack connectors! If you've had the fun of working on the harness of any bike by any manufacturer over say....15 years old, then you know the joy of crap plastic connectors that crack and fall apart, corroded connections and similar fits of joy and merriment. This should come in handy as I've got 5 bikes to wire....yay.

I've wanted one of these for a while now, just so nice and convenient when all you need to do is clean up a small area. As long as your air is dry and you're media in of a consistent grade you're golden. This little gun works a treat, highly recommended if you need one. Price is right too!
Haha....yeah I know it's upside down in the pic, this was the only one that came out clear enough. I tried inverting it so the text was right but the perspective was wacky and it kinda made me feel a little dizzy so this is what you get. I looked into several fusebox options and this one 'felt' the best to me. I'll be housing this in a weather tight enclosure. LOVE LOVE LOVE the binding post style connection points....and it's got a shiny cover. Everyone knows shiny is better right?

Huzzah for time wasters. Those that know me know I only sleep a couple hours a night, as a lifelong insomniac one finds ways to cope. I read several books a week....mostly brain candy but a few 'important works', I play video games and watch crap 'B' movies. Wha'cha gonna do? Portal was way more fun that in had any right to be, created originally as 'extra' content in the HalfLife2 series but kinda took off on it's own. I dig both 1 and 2 because you have to think and reason tactically to survive the puzzle environment. Hunter/Prey...well...that's probably going to be less mentally stimulating but there are aliens and guns!

One fairly large chunk of aluminum. it's a 6"x3" slice of 7075 that will be the 2pc cush drive bolted to the XS650 front hub used out back on Sakura. Say that five times fast. The plan as it stands now (subject to change, forgetfulness or absentmindedness) is to machine each 'half' such that they interface together just like any other cush. I'll coat the two pieces in paraffin wax and cast my own rubber bit between them. No....really......
Yay teeny tiny digital dashboard! For those not in the know, this is a TrailTech Vapor. It displays speed, RPM(bar graph and numeric), outside and cylinder head temp, max speed, odometer, stop watch, distance (different than odometer?), ride time and accumulated ride time, 12/24hr clock and when the cookies are done baking. I'd forgotten just how compact this unit is, but don't let that worry you if you're thinking about one...the display is very readable with key info in large font, day or night with a nice soft blue back-light. It looks nifty.....and weighs less than the air it displaces.

 In other news, I'm changing a personal policy. I tend to keep customer stuff on the down-low, don't want anyone's wife pissed off at unannounced expenditures and all. However I've been receiving loads of inquiries about pics of customer projects, enough so that I've decided to ask for permission to post stuff up more often. I'll put out the word to current customers and those in the recent past. If they're good with it I'll put up more pics. Names and dates will be changed to protect the guilty!

Our good pal Mike D. opted for the little S90 piston tail light and I wanted to make some quickie brackets for him to start with. Mike, when you have your positioning settled you can send back the sheet brackets if you want and we'll chip out something more substantial and artsy.
Remember this one?

Finally got around to making the simple brackets. Mike, this is finally ready for you, just drill the bases to suit. You can bend the tabs to suit as well. I kept the resistors fairly conservative so the LEDs should last longer than you, but if you want it to be more blinding we can do that too but try it out first.


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