Thursday, March 29, 2012

Customer is only 4'11" tall.....

She's pretty cool and needs something to swing a leg over rather than through.....
Introducing project MiniMe

'65 SS90 chassis in surprisingly solid shape. Will need some welding and I'm adding a couple braces to the neck and swingarm pivot area but all in all it's in good shape.

Aluminum swingarm from a Wave125 (Asia market step thru) will take a wee bit of work to get mounted but not much. Roller bearings from McMasterCarr, some stainless spacers and a fresh pivot bolt. It's drooped pretty far here but will still need around 14" of biggie either.

EX250 wheels look pretty spiff here and they're nice and light but we may go with wheels based on YZ or CR80 disc hubs. Whatever set we run will be 17" similar width to these.

CB360 forks will need a lot of love as they're haggard right now but some fresh tubes, some elbow grease and a few more parts including one off cartridge emulators will be needed but they're significantly stouter than the OE 26mm pogos.

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