Monday, March 19, 2012

...yay monday

It's Monday and I'm buried, was out of town this weekend to take care of some stuff so I've got roughly 90 emails, 30 or so private messages and 7 or 8 forum threads I need to look into, never mind the two cars I had to deal with this morning, never ending phone calls, keeping dad on track, putting out fires.....oh! and making some shit here and there. I'm busier than heck, it's monday and I'm crabby.

I got a notice in one of my inboxes........
(I'm so dang rad I need more than one)
......that some hair-shirt mouth-breather here in town wants to write a new city ordinance requiring.....REQUIRING.....all cleavage to be completely covered at all times within the city limits. In addition, this scrote nibbler thinks that if the headlights are on the woman should either put on her coat which means that even if it's 90 any woman equip'd with breasts would actually have to have a coat with her even in the summer, or be fined. fucked up as this town is, someone had the temerity to pull his head out long enough to throw the whole shiteroo right out the door. So there's some buddy who desk-races for the county just passed it along to get under my skin. fucker

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  1. ...should clarify: not Portland proper, they're still kinda fun, no this stupidity requires the small mindedness that comes from anchoring one's self within the distance you can see. Small town, small vision, small dick?
    No this brand of dumb came from slightly west of stumptown.....I really gotta get out to the eastside!