Thursday, March 8, 2012

A uniquely good deal for the Horde and you lurkers too.....

A pal of mine Matt ( a SWINGING deal on Mikuni carbs(and lots of other goodies) thru murky and emotionally scarring connections, covert deals made under the spare wavering light from the business end of eastern block cigarettes, the smell of desperate fear and unsavory favors for someone called 'Tovarich'. 
(Ok really "he has a guy" but I've been reading cold-war spy novels lately so you get what you get)

These are prices per carb (includes shipping) for units I am interested in, though he's got access to anything SUDCO is pushing.
VM30s - $80 (currently out of stock til late March)

VM32 - $100

VM38 - $98

VM44 - $113

TM38 - $138 (available in 47mm OD or 43mm OD spiggot)

TM40 - $213

If you're looking to ditch the shitty CV carb(s) on your ride or like me are building a monster engine then good mechanical carbs are the way to go. Mikuni has a long history of racing championships, OE supply and bajillions of miles on road bikes. For the money a Mikuni VM/TM series is tough to beat but SUDCO also sells the glorious Keihin FCR series just like the three I run on Ol'Supes If you've never heard a set of flatslides idle then you've missed out on something akin to the rattle of a Ducati dry clutch or the exclusivity of driving a Spyker. Never mind the throttle response......

So if you're looking to upgrade or uprate your current bike's intake drop Matt a line:

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