Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Motogadget M-unit

I got my new Motogadget M-unit in hand yesterday, man what a cool little rig this is.
This one tiny little black box will eliminate the:
Fuse box: 
it's all solid state, no fuses to blow. It senses an over-current situation and simply shuts off the output til you fix it.

Again with the solid state switching.....including apparently adjustable on-time delay. coooooool

Not only does it take care of the flasher function but you can choose the rate and duty cycle and sequence. It'll do all manner of funky crap with your brake and turn signals like the brake like flashing 8 times in succession then staying on.

It will modulate the headlight and tail light just like the expensive units the road couch guys like. It'll let you choose the can choose to have the signal 'soft flash' rather than simply switching on and off, something especially noticeable with LEDs.

It'll let you run one wire for both brake and tail light. 

It's got a built in alarm.

It'll make you a sammich and take that punk kid down the hall's lunch money too if you let it.

Did I mention that it's tiny?

 I don't think it'll phone home for you though....
That's right, we bad.......
More to soon, be good humans......

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