Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A warning, a request and an offer

First the warning...........

Seriously, just don't. When you're building a bike, whatever you do don't look at what shit costs in a's just too scary. I had a smack in the face moment the yesterday, while organizing stuff for the 920. I happened upon receipts for all the parts and stuff involved in building the electrical system. 

Then I looked at them....

Then I fell over.......(and cried just a little)

Sharing my pain:
-M-unit $300
-OMP reg/rec $95
-Weatherpack connectors and specialized crimp tool $320
-Fresh wire from McMaster Carr $300
-Depth of my pain: PRICELESS!

Truth is, there's enough wire and connectors left over to wire 6 or 7 more bikes and the parts I bought specifically for this bike will yield an extremely good, stout electrical system.
I know I got an exceedingly good deal on the bike but I've officially spent more on the electrical rebuild alone than I did buying the silly thing in the first place. It's really the only weakness of the bike beyond some corporate corner cutting decisions that I'm also working around. 
So.....I'll just shut my piehole about this now and call the Wahhhhmbulance. 

Second, a request......and an offer
So a you know, I'm a but of a Luddite when it comes to doing anything on a computer beyond surfing for boobie pics for you mugs, posting crap here that only two of you read and playing the occasional 10 year old computer game.

I've had a couple people mention that the blog appears narrow on the in lots of wasted screen-space. I'd like to make it appear wider to use the space available, and to maybe(?) allow posted pics to display larger before the click etc.

I've looked in the settings but obviously I'm missing something, probably something....obvious. haha.....
So, if you can assist me in getting the screen filled a little more effectively and don't mind me asking for assistance later (should I need) I will happily MAKE YOU SOMETHING COOL TO BOLT TO YOUR MOTORCYCLE.


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